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Hemavan Tärnaby

Laisaliden hotel

Address: Laisholm, 92064 Tärnaby Show map

Address: Laisholm, 92064 Tärnaby

Laisaliden is located high up on the mountain with comfortable isolation from noise and people. This is where the road ends, with a magical view over the mountains and sourrounding lakes.

Laisaliden hotel is family owned and the hotel contains of 16 rooms. Dining room with timber walls, conference room, living room with fire place. Close to hiking trails, both for summer and winter.

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About this activity


  • Airport
    Hemavan Tärnaby airport 6 km
  • Attraction
    Centrumliften Hemavan, vinteröppen 6 km
    Anjaliften Tärnaby, vinteröppen 8 km

Nearby accommodations


Hemavan/Fjällcenter, STF Hotel

Distance: 6 km
Hemavan Fjällcenter is located 250 m from Hemavan airport. The airport has a direct flight to Stockholm Arlanda. Hotel rooms with shower, toilet and TV. Single beds, also in double rooms.

Laisaliden hotel

Distance: 43 meters
Welcome to your own mountaintop. High up in a secluded location between Tärnaby and Hemavan you find Laisaliden. A cosy and peaceful building with a fantastic view. We offer our services both to private guests and groups.
Cabin & apartment

Kungshagastigen 1-6

Distance: 5.3 km
Newly build 4+1 and 6+2 apartments placed in the eastern part of Hemavan. The apartments are located nicely near the xc tracks and approximately 200m from the nearest skistreet which easily takes you to Centrumliften.