Snowmobile information for foreign drivers

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Nature in Hemavan Tärnaby is magnificent and varied. One way to experience it is to travel by snowmobile through birch forests, across frozen lakes and up to the bare mountain peaks.

In Hemavan Tärnaby the Storuman municipality takes care of the trails for snobiles and The County Administrative Board controls most of the trails further out on the mountains. In Hemavan and Tärnaby village it is forbidden to drive a snowmobile - except along the marked snowmobile trail. Check the local mountain map, at the Police or the Municipality trail map that it is premitted to drive to where you intended.

Rules for foreign drivers who want to drive a snowmobile in Sweden:

In order to drive a snowmobile in Sweden, it is required that you be 16 years old and have a driving licence for off-road vehicles. Snowmobiles may also be driven by those who have a Swedish driving licence or tractor licence issued before Jan. 1, 2000.

You can also drive without a driving licence if you are part of a group within the tourist industry with no more than 10 people who have driving licences or tractor licences and that is led by a person with a driving licence for off-road vehicles along a route that has been determined by the leaders before the trip.

As a foreign driver (within EES*), you have the right to drive a snowmobile in Sweden if you have that right in your homeland. If you can not demonstrate this or if you come from a country outside EES, your only option is to be included in a group within the tourist industry or to possess a Swedish driving licence. *EES-countries are member countries of the European Union as well as Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

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Nearby accommodations


STF Hemavan Mountain station

Distance: 15.6 km
Hemavan Fjällstation, former SMU Fjällgård, is a drug free alternative for individual guests, families and groups. The facility offers a relaxed environment and several rooms were you can spend time together.

Hemavans Högfjällshotell - Hotel rooms

Distance: 16 km
If you want to stay comfortably and next door to the slopes and lifts, Hemavan’s Högfjällshotell is the perfect choice for you. The hotel i open during winterseason.

Birgittas väg D & E (Solbacken)

Distance: 13.9 km
This newly developed area with apartments is situated approx. 150 m from the lift Solkatten in calm and relaxing surroundings. It is approx. 1,5km to the supermarket, petrol station and the lift Centrumliften.